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Building Safe and Thriving Communities

Every Washingtonian has the right to be safe – from gun violence, from the dangers of drugs like fentanyl, and from discrimination. As Attorney General, I’ll work closely with communities and law enforcement agencies and use every tool at my disposal to make Washington safe for everyone – no matter your age, race, gender, where you live, or who you love.

One of my proudest accomplishments as an attorney was helping write Initiative 1639: Safe Schools and Safe Communities. This landmark legislation, approved by nearly 60% of Washington voters, regulates deadly weapons of war and ensures safe storage for all firearms. Measures like these save lives, and I will always fight for common sense gun safety laws, including eliminating ghost guns and keeping high-capacity magazines off our streets. As Attorney General, I will ensure my office implements and enforces our nation-leading gun laws and holds accountable those violating them.

Thousands of our family members, friends, and neighbors struggle with drug addiction and need comprehensive treatment. The state must make meaningful investments in solutions at the scale of this crisis, while holding manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, and traffickers accountable for spreading lethal substances in our communities. As U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, I successfully prosecuted traffickers profiting from the addiction pandemic that rips our communities apart.

Over the last two years, Washington experienced the highest number of hate crimes in at least 20 years, and the next Attorney General must vigorously combat the rise of hate-based violence and discrimination in all its forms. This issue is personal to me. As the first Black U.S. Attorney in Washington’s history, I prosecuted multiple cases of violent extremist-motivated hate crimes. I also led the Attorney General’s Advisory Subcommittee on Civil Rights and started our United Against Hate Initiative to share best practices across law enforcement agencies and within the community.

There are no easy solutions to prevent and address crime. We need leaders who are willing to talk honestly and transparently about the challenges, and the Attorney General has an important role to play. The best way to build safe communities is to use best practices, address the root causes of what drives people to crime in the first place, and invest in the foundations of what makes safety sustainable – housing, smart gun safety policy, mental health support, education, living-wage jobs, and a strong social safety net that protects the most vulnerable.

Creating an Economy that Works for Everyone

Washington is among the best places in the country to start a business and to be a worker. We’ve achieved this because our leaders understand that a strong and resilient economy is built from the bottom-up and the middle-out, not the top-down. When people can afford to spend in our local economy and aren’t struggling just to make ends meet, businesses have more customers and can hire more workers. But we must do more to reduce the economic strains Washingtonians are facing.

Whether it’s airline junk fees, skyrocketing health care and drug costs, predatory lending targeting vulnerable populations, illegal price fixing, scammers taking advantage of our seniors through robocalls, or even those annoying bots and grifters driving up concert ticket prices – consumers get a raw deal, and it breaks the bank for thousands of families in our state. During my time in the JAG Corps, I fought for military families who had fallen victim to predatory lending practices, and I’ve seen first-hand how devastating these types of practices can be. As Attorney General, I will stay focused on consumer protection and enforcement.

Every single year our economy loses $50 billion to wage theft, tax fraud, and the underground economy, a sum larger than all other forms of larceny, robbery, and theft combined. I will build on the work of Attorney General Ferguson by establishing a dedicated unit focused on enforcing our nation-leading worker protections and addressing wage theft.

Across the country, worker power has been under vicious assault by radical far-right interests. As General Counsel to Governor Inslee, I led our response to attacks by extreme right-wing, anti-union organizations targeting worker protections for state employees, and the right to organize and bargain for their future. As Attorney General, I will continue to defend the rights of workers to organize and bargain.

Washington leads the nation in enforcing state antitrust laws to prevent unfair competition and protect consumers and workers from anti-competitive behavior by companies, in sectors from healthcare to groceries to fast food. I will continue to build on this work, helping to ensure that companies play by the rules and that small businesses, consumers, and workers face a level playing field.

Access to a good education is not just a moral imperative it is essential to ensuring a prepared workforce for the future. Unfortunately, whether it’s declining educational outcomes, a five-alarm fire in student mental health, or the inequities students with disabilities face, there is more we must do to support teachers, educators, students, and families. I am a product of Washington’s public education system, and as Attorney General I will defend funding for public education and continue to be a fierce advocate for teachers, students, and high-quality public education for all.

Protecting Democracy and Defending Civil Rights

Across the U.S. we’ve seen the very foundations of our democracy come under attack, including systematic attacks on the rights of voters, which have only intensified since the rise of Donald Trump. I am ready, willing, and have proven myself able to stand up for the people of Washington against any threat, whenever necessary. Washington’s Attorney General must fight the repressive forces that threaten our democracy and would turn back progress on gender, race, and equality for all communities.

With the ever-looming specter of Donald Trump, our next Attorney General must be ready to stand up and protect democracy from Day One. I was General Counsel to Governor Inslee during the earliest days of Trump’s presidency, and I worked closely with Attorney General Ferguson’s office to ensure Washington state fought back against early attacks, including preventing Trump’s hateful Muslim Ban.

The right to vote in fair and open elections is the bedrock of our democracy. The Office of the Attorney General must work to protect voters’ rights and ensure fair elections and collaborate with our Secretary of State’s office and local and federal partners. We must also file and support litigation to combat voter suppression and voter intimidation to protect our voters and democracy.

I am deeply concerned with the rise of violent, radical ideology and domestic terrorism in our state and nationwide. As Attorney General, I will implement all the recommendations in the 2022 Domestic Terrorism Study, including the creation of a commission to create “a comprehensive public health and community-based framework” to combat violent extremism. While U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, my office brought a renewed focus to the threat of extremism. We prosecuted members of two white supremacist extremist groups in Washington that committed a violent hate crime in Lynwood. We successfully prevented threats of violence against Puget Sound civil rights leaders by Attomwaffen, a Nazi “accelerationist” group seeking to dismantle our government and democracy.

When Donald Trump was elected President he capitalized on and incited hatred of the LGBTIA+ community, especially transgender people. Democratic Attorneys General, including Washington’s own, were the last line of defense. They fought back against rollbacks of healthcare protections, attacks on transgender youth, and especially offensive to me as a veteran, his unconstitutional ban on serving in the U.S. military. As Attorney General, I will be honored to take up this fight against bigotry and hatred in all of its forms.

Addressing Climate Change and Protecting Washington’s Environment

We are already seeing and feeling the devastating effects of climate change. Increasingly frequent wildfires destroy Washington communities and claim hundreds of thousands of acres of forest land. Our summer skies are filled with smoke, and we see more frequent and extreme weather disasters. The next generation, including my own kids, needs an Attorney General who will prioritize the fight against climate change. Washington’s advocacy must transcend state lines – those working to fight climate change will always have an ally in Washington, and those undermining progress, an opponent.

Stringent and thorough enforcement of our environmental protection laws is our first line of defense, and a deterrent against future abuses. Washington state has among the strongest Environmental Protection Divisions of any attorney general’s office in the country. I will build on this work to prosecute environmental crime, protect our state’s clean air, water and natural resources, ensure the highest standards for energy facilities sited throughout our region, and advocate on climate and environmental issues through amicus briefs in federal cases.

I was proud to work at Governor Inslee’s side as he drove state climate policy forward, and now with some of the best laws in the land, Washington must focus on implementing and enforcing those laws. Every aspect of our government must turn its attention to the climate crisis and, as Attorney General, I will be an active partner in supporting and ensuring that all state agencies embed environmental protection work in their DNA, vigorously defend our best-in-the-nation laws and use every tool at my disposal to protect future generations from the devastating impacts of climate change.

Cities and counties across our state are at the forefront of implementing nation-leading environmental safeguards, including Shoreline Master Plans, the Growth Management Act, the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), and of course clean air and clean water requirements. This regulatory framework has provided the foundation for environmental progress across our region. As Attorney General, I will provide support for municipalities and regional entities working to implement environmental protections and provide models for how to effectively implement our laws.

Respecting Tribal Nations

We live on the ancestral homelands of indigenous people who have resided here for time immemorial. The Attorney General’s Office must always work to protect tribal sovereignty, enforce treaty rights, deepen channels for government-to-government communication, and lift Native voices throughout our state. Doing so is not only what is required of us by law and what is right, but it is also essential to strengthen our state and make it more resilient for the decades to come.

Washington is home to 29 federally recognized tribes and three more with treaty rights in our region. I will work to ensure that my office engages and seeks meaningful feedback from tribal governments on all issues that affect them. Washington tribes’ sovereign rights are well established and must be respected and strengthened.

Every year hundreds of indigenous women go missing in our state. Without systems to collect data or ensure cases are urgently prioritized, we have no way of knowing the full size and scale of this crisis. I will build on the work to establish a missing and murdered indigenous women cold case team, set-up an AGO tip line for reporting incidents, and implement all 10 recommendations from the MMIW taskforce.

For many tribal members and indigenous people, cultural practices, art, subsistence practices, and other traditional ways of life are both sacred and essential to their livelihoods. As U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, I successfully held individuals criminally accountable for scamming customers by misrepresenting art as native-made. I will continue this important work as Attorney General, and fight to ensure we protect the traditions of native communities from erasure and appropriation.

Championing Abortion Rights and Health Care Access

Too many of our neighbors and loved ones can’t afford to visit a doctor, can’t access the health care they need, or are one medical emergency away from financial ruin. Women’s health care is under particular attack in our country. I will always stand up against attacks on abortion rights, work to prevent hospital mergers that leave Washingtonians without accessible healthcare and facing higher costs, and ensure everyone has access to insurance coverage that is affordable and covers their needs.

Abortion rights are fundamental human rights. The next Attorney General must defend reproductive health care access, protect nation-leading laws from frivolous right-wing attacks, and collaborate across the country on federal litigation to stop unconstitutional restrictions on our rights. My office will prioritize access to abortion medication to ensure women can have a safe, reliable, and quick abortion on their terms. We will protect health care providers serving their patients from prosecution, civil liability, and attacks on their licenses. Washington must remain a safe haven for women’s rights.

Washington has made great strides in expanding health care to those who need it most. But still the system is plagued by insurance companies improperly denying coverage, staffing levels that are unsafe for workers and patients, and skyrocketing costs. My office will partner across state agencies to protect consumer rights, fight for healthcare workers, expand insurance coverage, and combat price gouging by pharmaceutical companies.

Living Up to our Commitment to our Active-Duty Military and Veterans

Washington state is home to nearly half a million veterans that served our country, just like I did. Unfortunately, despite that service, veterans continue to experience disproportionate rates of homelessness and substance abuse and are more vulnerable to scams and other legal issues. As a state, we must do more to live up to our commitment to those who serve our country by truly prioritizing them and the issues they experience. I will bring renewed focus to the Attorney General’s Veterans and Active Military Initiatives.

I will expand the Military Engagement and Directed Advocacy by Lawyers Program (MEDAL) in our Office of Military and Veteran Legal Assistance to allow it to effectively conduct outreach throughout our state and to be less reliant on pro-bono counsel. This program must be funded at the scale of the crisis so we can consistently crack down on charity scams claiming to help military heroes and hold businesses accountable for deceptive practices targeting service people.

Washington has among the strongest protections for active military and veterans of any state in the country, including protections against unreasonable debt and loan terms, support for navigating disability and health services, help finding employment or training, educational assistance, and free legal advice. There’s more that we can do as a state to ensure veterans and their families know about all the services available to them, and have easy access to the help they need. I will implement these nation-leading protections and make sure these initiatives meet the needs of Washington’s veterans.

Fighting for a More Just Legal System

Throughout my career, I've worked to ensure that the law is used as a tool for justice and to improve people's lives, to protect them and to keep their communities safe, and create a more equitable society -- but much work remains to be done to create a system that truly provides justice for all.

Improving and reimagining our criminal legal system is necessary, both to right historical wrongs and to ensure all communities are truly safe. I am deeply committed to unraveling the disproportionate impacts our legal system has on people of color, including pledges to pursue restorative justice and help individuals involved in our criminal legal system successfully re-enter the community. At the U.S. Attorney’s Office, we proved we can do better. Our targeted diversion programs successfully reduced recidivism, and saved taxpayers money.

As the former U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, I know that effective law enforcement requires trust and credibility with the community they serve and protect. As Attorney General, I will be an active partner in this effort.